Saturday, 10 March 2007

Scratchbuilding Tutorial: Part IV

(versión en Español)


OK, time to start working in the battlecannon, so I take my tube cutter, a suitable aluminium tube and cut it to the desired lenght.

It is still very plain, but we are going do do some changes.

I first though about casting the turret as a whole and then adding a metal cannon to each resin piece I casted. I finally changed my mind, so I unglued the mantlet and start drilling it.

You must be careful when drilling wide holes. You should use a little drill bit (about 1 mm) to mark the position and then increase gradually the bit size until you have the required width.

I use my cutter to enlarge the hole a little (it's not a fine work, but we are going to cover it later).

Now the cannon fits, but the angle is too high.

I use the cutter again and find the angle I like.

I do some decorative marks on the cannon (not cutting all the way). I use a smaller tube cutter now, but the big one would do the job as well as the smaller one.

Time to do a trip to the tubes box. I look for a tube that is a bit wider than the cannon and cut a lenght.

These kind of cutters close the end of the tube a bit when cutting it. So I use the rod of my cutter to flatten it.

I also use a reamer to help me.

And finally finish it with a rounded file.

I seal the union with cyanocrilate.

Now I find a bigger tube...

... And do exactly the same.

As the cannon is going to be cast in resin, I need to close the end with some Duro (or Green Stuff) putty.

I use more Duro putty to model the union between cannon and mantlet.

Well, now it's nearly finished. I'll let the epoxy putty cure, but before doing that I'll temporary glue the cannon to the turret with some liquid mask.

I use Vallejo's, but you can use Maskol or your favourite brand. In theory, you could apply it by brush and them use household ammonia to clean it. In practise, I strongly recommend you to better use a toothpick for that.

The nearly complete turret.

Next day, we'll finish the turret's master by adding the small details.



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