Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Scratchbuilding Tutorial: Part II

(Spanish version)


I am going to continue working on our turret. Now I am going to cut a strip of styrene to do the turret's top.

I'll use a steel ruler and a square set in order to make a straigh cut.

I cut the strip...

Cut another piece a little bigger than needed, place it on top and mark it with a pen.

The mark is going to be a little bigger than the actual top piece size, so I compensate it by cutting a little more than really needed.

Now I use a circular cutter to open a hole for the hatch.

Fits perfectly.
I observed, hovever, that the top piece was not thick enough. To correct this, I glue the top to another styrene piece.

I now wait some minutes to let it dry and cut (no need for rulers now) out the excess.

I carefully cut the hatch hole again.

As I plan to cast the turret, I need to close this hatch hole. I'll do that with a thinner styrene sheet.

I cut another strip and wind it tighly around my cutter.

I cut it roughly to measure, put it in place and glue it.

Once some minutes have passed, I cut out the excess styrene.

It's a bit crude, but we are going to solve it.

I dillute green Squadron's putty in industrial acetone (the kind used for cleaning nail polish doesn't works). The putty should be thin enough to be painted with a brush.

Now I seal every gap and imperfection with thinned putty.

This is the result, ready for sanding.

Now I am going to do a fake welding mark. I put plastic cement in the desired zone.

And I texture the plastic with a modelling tool.

Applying more cement will make the plastic softer.

Now it's time to work harder in the steel texture.

I play with the resulting texture alternating Tamiya's and Squdron's putties. I also use a hard bristle brush with a little acetone to add more texture.

Now we take a trip to the bit box...

And integrate the bits in the ensemble with a little putty thinned down in acetone.

Next day, we'll start working in the cannon's mantlet.



Unknown said...

Me parece estupendo tu blog, pero me gustaria que la tradujeras al español, que es un idioma mas popular.

Ultrawerke said...

Mi no entenderrr españolo, camarrada Alfonso.

Pero seguro que tú te prestas voluntario por un módico precio ;)

Kugelblitz said...

Just a few small edits for clarity. Enjoying the log very much. Muchas gracias.

Now we do a travel to the bit box...

Now we take a trip to the bit box...

Now I am going to do a fake soldering ribbon. I put plastic cement in the desired zone.

Now I am going to do a fake welding mark. I put plastic cement in the desired zone.

Kugelblitz said...

Small grammatical edits

A space to share modelling techniques on many subjects. While mainly centered upon scratchbuilding Warhammer 40K vehicles, you will also find the occasional WWII model.

If this is annoying, let me know ans I will desist. Regards,

Ultrawerke said...

Of course not! I really appreciate the help! You are more than welcome :)

Thanks you for your help :D

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