Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Scratchbuilding Tutorial: Part III

(Spanish version)


OK, lets continue working.

I will use a drill bit to make marks on the turret. I just make some superficial marks, not drilling up to the other side.

These marks will serve as guides on the finished resin piece. I'll use them to drill the holes for the handles and other similar elements made of wire.

I make some rough pencil lines to get an idea on where to drill.

And use them as reference to drill handle marks.

Now I am going to start the mantlet. I cut a piece of styrene.

I give it an interesting shape, and add two pieces for obtaining some starting volume.

I add two other styrene pieces.

Cut them roughly and...

...add a lot of putty (remember to wet you tools in acetone when working with these kind putties).

I also put a folded piece of styrene in the center to reinforce the mantlet and add some volume.

Wile I wait for the putty to dry (could be around 30 minutes for this quantity). I cut another circle in thicker plasticard.

I them glue some random styrene chunks to add heigh.

I glue the piece to the turret and add a strip of thin styrene around.

I then discovered that I glued the new piece in the wrong place!

I moved the piece to the right position, destroying the thin styrene tire in the process. This time, I just fill the gap with more putty.

Once the mantlet is dry, I sand it to the desired shape.

I now cut another styrene piece.

Wind it up around my cutter's handle to curve it.

And glue one end to the mantlet.

Once this end is dry, I glue the rest, adapting it to the curved shape and cutting the excess.

Now I sand a little the turret side where I am going to glue the mantlet (Note that I also added an evergreen stripe to double as a visor, once it is dry, I'll cut the excess).
Well, now the styrene sheet has cracked! No problem, I was going to add more styrene on top anyvay... I seal the gaps with a little green putty dilluted in acetone...
...Glue the mantlet to the turret and cut another piece of thinner styrene.

This time I can glue the whole piece at a time.

I add more pieces, until the volume feels "right".

And I add more dilluted squadron's putty.

Next day I'll change my mind and unglue the mantlet (you'll see why)...



vespinoza said...

Al final conozco su identidad secreta Mr Ultramar. He reconocido sus delicados dedos en las fotos

Ultrawerke said...

Ya me decía el sr. Locke que nada se le puede ocultar al señor Oscuro de Tacoronte... (glubs)

Espero que le sean útiles mis consejos de copia en resina (o clonación, como le llaman ahora los jóvenes) para sus futuros dioramas masivos de retiradas napoleónicas :)

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