Sunday, 14 December 2008

Modelling tip: Filling resin defects

No matter how careful you are, or how much do you spend in pressure chambers or vibrating trays, it is difficult to avoid having some bubbles in your cast pieces. The same is also true with Forgewold kits.

I normally used two component putty (as A+B or Duro) to fill imperfections, but I found a product that is far more efficient for filling small bubbles and defects. It is a hard wax typically used to fill scratches in wood furniture.

The wax is soft enough to be easily worked with a modeling tool.

You just fill the hole and its done. Once painted you would not notice anything.

The same is evidently true for this Forgeworld mortar. I will later put a drop of cyaonoacrilate on top to harden the wax and glue a new rivet in place to substitute the missing one.

The wax technique is very useful for those bubbles appearing in rivets and pother ointy places.

You just rub softly the wax stick over the defect...

And it's easily filled.

You just need to remove the excess wax.

This is most convenient for all those rivets in imperial tanks (a.k.a.: "bubble magnets").

You can fill dozens of defective rivets in seconds.

Once the excess is removed, it's hard to notice it.

Friday, 5 December 2008

After all those months... I am finally back

Dear friends:

Many months has passed from my last update. They have been very busy months indeed! Changing to a new job, moving back to my birthplace, living during many months at a rented flat, finding a place to live and finally get back to what can be considered as "normal life".

You know what? I am finally back!

I had not too much time lately for my models (mainly as they where locked away in a warehouse), but I did find some hours to continue weathering my bombard and ammo carrier... Let me show you some new pics:

I am not yet happy with this rusted effect, but I think am am very close to complete it...

The models some hours before! Please note the clean look of the ammo carrier on the back.

Let's see how much I can progress in the following days... I promise to update the blog often!