Saturday, 23 June 2007

Death Korps of Krieg Earthshaker

(versión en Español)

Some busy weeks have passed on real life, meaning that I did not have the spare time or energy to properly update this blog.

I hope to change things a little in the future and add new tutorials... For the moment being, I am going to talk about my Death Korps of Krieg Earthshaker project.

I started this project as I leaved on Easter Holydays. As I was not to be at at home, having limited resources then, I wanted to start something that was simple to build.

I thought that I could buy a 1:35 kit and convert it to W40K standards instead of building everything from scratch. I finally chose the M115 Howitzer from AFV Club as the base for the earthshaker.

The  model's  detail  is  very  fine,  sporting  an aluminum barrel (with rifling detail inside) rubber wheels and many tiny pieces. After building so  many  GW  models,  I  even  found  challenging  to  mount  some parts correctly.

thought that the way of turning this model to a 40k one, included building DKOK wheels and a gun shield from scratch.

I built the first wheel prototype, which I did not completely liked. Then did a second one, avoiding the mistakes I did on the first one. I find it is faster to sometimes start again from zero than trying to fix early mistakes.
Once it was finished, the good wheel was resin cast to make ten copies.

The smaller wheels are intended for my future superheavy tank projects.

Once I had added all custom pieces on the model, I started to think about the leg ends. After checking a lot of references in I built the ends from scratch. I also added some working detail for making the link to the towing cart.

The result is way bigger than its Forgeworld counterpart, but well, this is 40K after all!

I first thought to use a trojan to tow the gun, but I think I'll build a custom carrier in the near (I hope) future...


Shawn Lowrey said...

I just found your blog, and have made it one of my favorites. I just want to say that I'm in awe. I have recently decided to start doing some scratch build and master mold things of my own, and your is exactly where I want to take my ideas.

I have been a painter for years, and have done some small molds for myself. Should pads, heads, that sort of thing, but I really want to work on some other ideas that leads up to a Macharius tank.

Thank you SO much for the blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi i just have a little question. Did you jsut add a basilisk whield and dkok wheels or did you add more things than that?


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