Monday, 9 April 2007

Painting and Weathering Tutorial: Part III

(versión en Español)


Now we are going to complete rust effects using pigments (you also have a more detailed rust tutorial here). I first select some suitable rust colours: P230 Old Rust, P25 Standard Rust and P24 Light Rust.

I do a pigment mix and add turpentine to make a wash. If the base colour were enamels instead of acrylics I would have used alcohol instead of turpentine.

This is the surface I pre-rusted with the airbrush in Part II.

I now apply the pigment wash and let it dry.

I'll start working on the tracks while the "rust" dries. I will go for a dry mud finish with leaves shiny metal on the exposed areas. There are many different techniques, but I'll cover them on further tutorials.

I start applying dry earth-coloured pigments (P28 Europe Dust) with an old brush.

I then carefully add some turpentine drops to fix the pigments.

I let now everything dry.

This is the aspect once the pigment is dry. This will serve only as a base for the dry mud that comes next.

I will prepare a dry mud mixture. I select some earth-coloured pigments (P28 Europe Dust, P38 African Earth and P31 Vietman Earth), plaster and a special acrylic resin for making mud adding some water.

I made some test and trial before finding the amount of plaster/resin to obtain dry mud. The more resin you add gives the mixture a gloss wet finish, as you can see in both mud samples over the tissue (both are completely dry, but the one on the right has more acrylic resin added).

I liberally apply the dilluted mix over the tracks.

I remove the excess "mud" with a tissue before it is dry.

This is how the tracks look once the "mud" is dry.

Now I will drybrush the tracks using metallic colours in order to give the impression that the bare metal is showing due to the friction with the terrain.

As usual, I drybrush using a flat ox hair brush and enamels.

This is the final effect. I am not fully satisfied with it yet, so I will complete it later using more graphite.

Next time we'l move on finishing small details and dusting the tank.



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