Thursday, 29 March 2007

Scratchbuilding tip: Tow Cable

(versión en Español)

If there is a piece from GW I do not like at all, it's the tow cable from the Imperial vehicle accesory sprue.

Here it is a simple way to do your own realistic tow cables, and in nearly no time.

You'll need copper or other metallic wire. I have been so lucky to have access to a power cable with fairly thick copper strands.

I take five copper strands from the cable.

I twist one end with a plier.

I'll use a chuck to clamp the other end.

I will use my trusty low speed IXO to twist the copper wires.

I firmly hold the free end with the pliers.

And start twisting the wires.

I stop once I feel the cable is twisted enough.

I cut the ends...

Now I make a loop at the ends.

Like this:

Now I take a lenght of cable plastic cover.

And cut it lenghtwise by half.

I put one half inside the loop, cutting the excess.

Now I glue it with cyanocrilate.

I use more copper wire to close the loop.

The finished loop. You can wrap the wire we have added now with a tin strip if you want a better finishing.

The finished cable.

This is how it looks once it is glued on the model.


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