Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Manticore missile system

Well, I suppose I should update my work on the Malcador, which in fact is progressing steadily. However, as I am currently enjoying some free days, I immediately switched to another project I had in mind (you know how it is, fellow modelers...), during the few spare minutes that the Stalker game is leaving me those days, leaving the Malcador temporally aside.

The Manticore missile system is a very interesting vehicle I wanted to make for a long time. In any case, I wanted to build something different to the canonic FW Manticore (I mean, not using that chimera hull again and again), so I glued a spare set of tracks I had lying around to a Ragnarok hull and started working on the antenna set.

I tried to obtain a russian-flavoured vehicle, sporting a huge antenna array to direct those Manticore rockets to their unaverted targets, so I scratchbuilt a large receiver antenna with some evergreen strips and placed an emitter dome at the front.

Rockets will be added later from the Hasegawa 1:48 weapon set (probably the Phoenix missile system, although I am hesitating to use a lower tech-like candidate from the same kit, like the GBU-24 Paveway III).

I added some pics from the progress so far…





Magiler said...

Very nice project. Btw, do you have maybe these Ragnarok tank body (with tracks) for sale?

Anonymous said...

Looking fantastic! I am also sick of the Forgeworld's "Stick new stuff on the Chimera" way of doing things, and this is looking really unique.

Have you thought of doing a Manticore in the style of the US MLRS system? I would absolutely love to see you put your considerable skills to work on such a project.

Dencarion said...

this is again a very promising project!
I look forward to the updates.

Ultrawerke said...

Thank you all for you kind comments, mates!

Concerning your questions...


I used to sell resin copies before. However, my current job leaves me not so much spare time to be able to cast on demand. In any case, if I restart production, I would send you a word.

Nice picture, BTW. I am glad that you liked Tenerife, one of the best places to live, IMHO!!!


The MRLS system is something I have in mind too, although I would probably make a fixed positin with an independent carrier (too many projects in mind, as usual)...

The Manticore is nearly finished, I hope tht I would post something during the weekend.


Enrique M.H. said...

great!! your job is always a source of inspiration for many of us. The full antenna is scratch? o_O

Cheers from Madrid!!!
Saludos desde Madrid colega ;)

Unknown said...


Love all of your stuff. This site is a serious resource for me and got me started in resin casting. Do you think you'll ever switch over to pressure casting?

Ultrawerke said...

Yes, the antenna is scratchbuilt from evergreen strips. If you are patient enough to let your work dry overnight and retake it later it is easier than it seems.

Joel said...

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