Monday, 26 February 2007

Soviet-themed wargame army

(versión en Español)

Hi you all again.

As a crazy modeller and wargamer with not enough time to play, I tend to direct my frustration on the later subject on crazy projects. One of my recurring ideas was to create a tank that was completely mine. I mean, completely built from scratch, without any bits from vendors, and cast it to form a massive army of custom resin models wich I could trow at the heads of my would-be opponents (I have not played a game in the last ten years, so my grasp of the rules could be vage). I finally decided to do something soviet-themed... big threads, boxy shapes... and the first model would be close to a KV-II... You can take a look at the final results and whole WIP here.

Next time, You'll follow me as I cast a copy of one piece of my master scratchbuilt.


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