Saturday, 24 February 2007

Here I am... And in the beginning was: The Baneblade

(Versión en Español)

Well, it seems that finally I have decided to post my ramblings on behalf of the modelling community.

I will try to maintain here a log of all my work in progress and, from time to time, I hope to finish something, place it here and share points of view with you.

My main interests lay in Warhammer 40K and WWII modelling. Mainly in the scratchbuild part, making my own personalised vehicles (for the Imperial Guard, I am at hreadhead after all) as I find very difficult just to mount something just "out of the box"

This blog wil be hopefully full of tutorials and techniques someday, so if you just come here and find something that you like and you want an explanation, just write me a word and I'll do a little tutorial.

Enough spoken. I want to share with you my first piece of pure scratchbuilding. A Baneblade... Looking at this, I just think how much time I losed and how many mistakes I did two years ago...

I never finished this baby (you'll see that this is a classic on me), as it is not in my hands anymore. If the current owner sees this post someday, I'll wish him many happy victorious battles!

You can see the whole WIP


pretorian said...

well we all can see you made a lot of progress since. But i think the owner of this fat girl is a lucky one: your baneblade rocks!!!

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